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Office of Veterans Affairs

We are here to assist students who are eligible for Veterans Educational Benefits, including Veterans, active-duty personnel, and members of selected reserves and the National Guard, and qualifying family members.

To be eligible for educational benefits, students must be admitted to a curriculum program and have high school and all college transcripts on file at Isothermal.

Before paying tuition and fees each semester, students must have their class schedules approved by their academic advisors and then by the Veterans Affairs staff in the Office of Financial Aid. Students are required to notify the Veterans Affairs Certifying Official when registration is complete.


General Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for educational benefits, the student must be enrolled in an approved curriculum, taking only those courses required for graduation in the chosen curriculum. Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). The VA will not pay for enrollment in audited courses, repeated courses previously passed, dropped/withdrawn classes, or courses not required by the student’s major.

Veterans Resources

Find VA locations or in-network community care providers closest to you

Transitioning from service

Resources for transitioning to higher education



Contact for information

Kaylee Hampton
Financial Aid Counselor/ VA Coordinator