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Types of Aid

Federal Aid Programs

These are government issued funds which may be available to you based on your needs, and do not require repayment.

Veterans Education Assistance

State Aid Programs

Institutional Programs

Non-Institutional Programs

Isothermal Community College encourages students to complete the FAFSA prior to considering alternative, private educational loans to ensure all sources of grant aid have been explored and exhausted first.  ICC does not have a preferred lender listing.  If a student is considering an alternative or private loan, they should first research eligibility, loan limits, interest rates, fees, repayment, and customer service options. 

Students who are seeking private loans should request a Truth-in-Lending Statement from the lender.

Please note that the information listed above is provided to students as a basic guideline. The information is very general in nature and the Financial Aid Office should be consulted for further details, rules, and regulations. All information contained in this section is subject to change.


Federal Direct Student Loans No Longer Available 

Isothermal Community College has exited the Federal Direct Student Loan program as of the 2012-2013 academic school year. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 828-395-4198 with any questions.

The exit counseling is available online at However, if a student wishes to complete exit counseling in person, they may contact the Financial Aid Office at 828-395-1635. 

To avoid having your loans go into default, find help here: Steps to Avoid Default. Managing student loans and student debt can be hard.  Find help at Resolution to Federal Loan Debt

Contact for information

Financial Aid
Student Center
Office: 828-395-4198
Fax: 828-286-8109
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Office hours

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Subject to change depending on availability.