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Financial Aid

Higher Education. Lower Tuition.

With as little as one credit hour you may qualify for financial aid. Complete an application to determine eligibility.

Application Process

Starting your educational journey doesn't have to be difficult. Here's what you need to get started.

Types of aid

Paying for school is one of the most common fears for attending school. We are here to help.

Funding for Veterans

Get assistance applying, certification, and other VA Benefits.

  • 2024 Fall Registration

    Registration for the fall 2024 term will be until August 1, 2024. Payment for fall classes is due by August 1 at 5 p.m. If you are using financial aid to pay for your classes, your 2024-2025 FAFSA must be complete by this date in order to prevent losing your registered courses. Each student must renew their FAFSA for the fall.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks processing time for your FAFSA results to be available in Patriot Port once your file is complete. Also, please ensure you have completed your Admissions application and NC Residency if you are a new student.

    Complete your FAFSA Apply for Financial Aid New Students: Complete your NC Residency

  • Financial Aid Check Information

    Financial Aid checks will be available for pick-up, with a photo ID, in the Business Office on the published check disbursement date each semester. All checks not picked up on this date will be mailed on the following business day to the address on file. If you would like your check mailed on the first available day please email the Business Office at from your student email account to make those arrangements. Checks will not be available before the published check release date. Please check your student email for further check distribution information.

    To review your address on file:

    • Log into Patriot Port
    • Click on the username at the top (the first portion of your email or account login)
    • Click on User Profile

    If your address is incorrect, send an email from your Isothermal email account to to have it updated.


  • Common Questions

    How to apply for institutional scholarships?

    Institutional scholarships application

    Powers Promise Scholarship information


    What if a student or student’s parent’s financial circumstances have changed since the tax return associated with the FAFSA? 

    (for dependent students only) A student may request a Professional Judgement if they or their family’s financial situation has changed significantly due to job loss, divorce/separation, loss of untaxed income, etc. 

    The Professional Judgement form can be requested at: or, picked up a copy in the Student Services Center.

    A student can request to have their dependency status reviewed under extreme cases of physical/emotional abuse or abandonment. The Dependency Override form may be requested in Student Services Center or by email at 

    Is financial aid available for the summer term at ICC?

    Yes, in most cases. You may have some aid left from the previous semesters if you were part-time. 

    If enrolled full-time during fall and spring semesters, you may qualify for another 50% of your total award if you take at least 6 credit hours in the summer. 

    Always check with the Financial Aid office to see if you qualify for this additional award. Powers Promise scholarships are offered for the summer semester. 

    North Carolina state grants are not awarded for the summer semester.

    Is there a limit for developmental courses? 

    Yes. You may receive financial aid for up to 30 credit hours of developmental coursework. 

    When registered for courses how can I make sure my courses are required for my program of study? 

    You can view registered courses that fall outside of your program of study through Self-Service in Patriot Port, contact your academic advisor, or meet with a member of the Student Services or Advising and Success Center teams. 

    The financial aid procedure for reviewing/notifying of courses not in major is always processed at the start of each semester. Notices are sent to the student and their advisor. 

    Please make sure that you have a current program of study and check it in Patriot Port for that semester. If you have questions, contact your advisor and/or Student Services. 

    Is there a lifetime limit to receiving federal and state financial aid?

    Yes, if eligible, you are able to receive a Federal Pell Grant for six years of full-time enrollment, which is often referred to “600%” (100% of Pell/year x 6 years). Actual calculations are based on credits enrolled/semester and may equate to more than six years if enrolled part-time. Also, ask your Financial Aid advisor about the Maximum Timeframe rule. (150% of credits in your program) Or check out the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy on ICC webpage at:

    North Carolina state grants are limited to 10 full-time semesters. 



Contact for information

Financial Aid
Student Center
Office: 828-395-4198
Fax: 828-286-8109
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Office hours

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Subject to change depending on availability.