Isothermal Community College

Office of Admissions

Admissions Requirements

Step One – Application 

  • Submit an application to the Admissions Office (apply now).
  • Be sure to identify the program you are intending to pursue.

Step Two – Transcripts 

  • Most programs require an official high school transcript.
  • Official college transcripts are required if you wish to receive transfer credit or be waived from the placement test.
  • If you are wondering if your program requires a high school transcript, please contact the Admissions Office at 828-395-1442.

Step Three – Placement Test

PLEASE NOTE: Students will only be scheduled for a placement test once all the relevant documents mentioned above are received at Isothermal Community College.

  • Most programs require that you take our placement test (called COMPASS).
  • The placement test (or parts of it) can be waived with the following:
    • Previous ASSET, Compass, or Accuplacer Scores no more than three (3) years old
    • ACT Scores (English = 18+, Math = 22+, Reading = 21+) (no more than 5 years old)
    • SAT Scores (Critical Reading = 500+, Writing = 500+, Math = 500+) (no more than 5 years old)
    • Previous English and math college courses (must be evaluated by ICC) with an official college transcript
  • If you would like to be evaluated for a waiver for any or all parts of the placement test, please have official copies of previous testing or courses sent (in a sealed envelope from issuing institutions) to the Admissions Office at Isothermal Community College. 
  • If you have taken English and math classes at Isothermal Community College in the past, contact the Admissions Office at 828-395-1442 to inquire about whether you qualify for a waiver.

Step Four – Registering for Class(es)

If you are a new student (never taken any curriculum classes at Isothermal Community College), you should have been scheduled to attend one of our testing sessions where you will receive placement testing, orientation, and registration readiness information. If you have not yet been scheduled and your admission file is complete, please contact the Testing Department at 828-395-1436 to get scheduled for an upcoming test date. Call early as seats are limited.

If you attended a testing, orientation and registration readiness session and registered/paid for classes, then you are ready to begin attending classes when the new semester begins.

If you attended a testing, orientation and registration readiness session and departed before an advisor could register you, you need to make an appointment with your advisor to get registered for classes as soon as possible. Please contact the secretary of your division to find out when the next registration period is for new students.

  • Business Sciences – Lois Scruggs ext. 1414
  • Arts & Sciences – Samantha Laney ext. 1301
  • Applied Sciences – Angela Marlowe ext. 1441

If you do not know in which division your program resides, please contact the Admissions Office at 828-395-1442. We will be happy to direct you to the appropriate location.Welcome to Student Services sign over entry door

Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid requires a separate application and supporting documents. To apply for financial aid, a student must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at If you need assistance completing this application or computer access, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 828-395-4198.  Also, please be aware that if you want your financial aid to be available to cover your tuition when you register, you need to apply early. Otherwise, you may have to pay tuition out of your own pocket and seek your reimbursement through whatever aid you qualify for at a later date.

Also, if you have been deemed out-of-state for tuition purposes by the Admissions Office, your financial aid award will be based on in-state rates only and you will need to be prepared to make up any tuition difference out of your own pocket at the time you register.