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Assessment, Planning, and Research Resources

Important Annual Due Dates

Educational Programs

  Assessment Data Reporting—due during fall faculty checkout for summer-spring-fall data

  Assessment Conferences—take place each spring

Service and Support Units

  Assessment Data Reporting—due by June 30th

Forms and Instructions

Educational Programs

2022 Educational Program Assessment - Process Overview

Assessment Data Reporting Form

Assessment Data - JotForm| Instructions

PSLO Collector
(This is no longer required, but still available if helpful for collecting assessment data.) 

Applied Sciences PSLO Collector

Arts and Sciences PSLO Collector 

Business Sciences PSLO Collector

Health & Public Services PSLO Collector

Service and Support Units

Service and Support Assessment Data Reporting Form 

Gen Ed Rubrics

Critical Thinking Skills Rubric (GEC 1)

Information Literacy Skills Rubric (GEC 2)

Presentation Skills Rubric (GEC 3)

Quantitative Skills (GEC 4)

Technology Skills Checklist (GEC 5)

Written Communication Skills Rubric (GEC 6)

Additional Resources

Weigh the Pig. Feed the Pig. Weigh the Pig. NILOA Occassional Paper #23 December 2014

Contact for information

Leeann Cline-Burris
Director of Institutional Assessment

Meghan Nevil
Institutional Assessment Coordinator