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Strategic Plan

2022 Strategic Plan

Foster strategic partnerships that lead to enhanced educational and career opportunities for students, resulting in economic and social mobility.
  • Establish and nurture relationships with community business partners to align programs with economic and employment opportunities for students.
  • Establish purposeful partnerships with K-12 partners to develop early connections with prospective students.
  • Strengthen the community’s perception of the college as an integral community partner.
Provide a rich academic experience and a robust support system that meets students where they are to promote learning and success.
  • Ensure a campus climate that is inclusive, promotes community, meets individual needs and supports successful outcomes for all.
  • Transform the student experience to enhance connection, entry, progress, completion, and job placement/transfer.
  • Support faculty-driven innovation in teaching and learning.
Leverage technology to enhance stakeholder experiences.
  • Broaden student access to technology resources that support teaching, learning, and student success.
  • Integrate technology solutions that streamline and support college operational procedures and processes.
  • Provide training that promotes effective use of technology resources to support students, faculty, and staff.
Develop a culture of evidence-based decision making and action to improve outcomes.
  • Investigate barriers to student access, persistence, retention, and completion.
  • Increase data access and support data literacy throughout the college community to promote data-informed practices.
  • Use data to enact strategies for improving student and community outcomes.


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