Isothermal Community College

Institutional Assessment

Assessment Manual


Isothermal Community College’s mission statement, “To improve life through learning,” is broad enough to encompass the many learning needs of Rutherford and Polk Counties and defined enough to allow the College to grow and thrive for fifty years. The phrase “to improve” sets the tone of continually striving to discover and meet the learning needs of the community. The mission is focused on “life”—the lives of the learners and of those who serve them and learn with them. Last, “through learning” refers to:

  • A process of learners and teachers reflecting on the work completed and acknowledging the struggle involved in reaching for goals
  • A learning environment that supports students’ efforts to attain their goal(s) through a commitment to service and innovation
  • A place for area residents to experience the performing arts, celebrate local and international music, attend job fairs and competitions, be enriched, and celebrate successes
  • A commitment to engage in the hard work of formative assessment