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Orientation of New Employees

All new full-time and part-time faculty and staff shall complete an employee orientation program.

The college administration feels strongly that every new employee must be given every opportunity to adjust to a new working environment. Further, the College believes that it is essential that a planned orientation program be provided for and completed by each new employee.

The immediate supervisor (or his/her designee) of each new employee shall be responsible for ensuring that the employee completes the orientation program. An employee orientation will be held in August prior to Convocation Day for all new employees and again in late January/early February for employees hired since the previous orientation.

At a minimum the appropriate checklist must be completed and signed by the employee, supervisor, and the Human Resources Manager. The form should be sent to the Human Resources Manager for placement in the employee’s personnel folder.

The supervisor may add additional orientation activities to help the employee become adjusted to a particular area or department.

All newly hired adjunct faculty are required to complete adjunct faculty tier 1 training prior to beginning instructional services for the college. Additional tiers for adjunct faculty are required within the first and second semester of employment and will be compensated as outlined in the adjunct faculty training procedures. Failure to complete training as ongoing orientation will disqualify the adjunct for continued employment.

The immediate supervisor of each new part-time Continuing Education instructor shall be responsible for the instructor’s orientation. This will include registration and record keeping, travel regulations, job responsibilities, and any other subject as deemed appropriate.

New employee orientation forms can be obtained by contacting the Human Resources Manager or accessing the College Intranet.

Policy Number: 301-01-03BP

Adopted: May 22, 1991

Amended: November 2, 1993; July 20, 2006

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