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Reinforced Instruction for Student Excellence (RISE) Placement Information

Placement testing is an optional part of the admissions process to Isothermal Community College. Taking the placement test before planning your courses will determine your which will be  a better for your skills. 

Students are encouraged discuss with their College Navigator or Faculty Mentor to discuss if they will need the RISE placement test. This test is multiple parts including a Math and English portion. When planning for the test, keep in mind that it may take up to 5 hours to complete if taking both parts.

Your College Navigator or Faculty Mentor will schedule your exam, and you will be notified by the Testing Coordinator of your of time and other details about your testing date. If you need further assistance, contact the Advising & Success Center.

Reasons why the RISE (EdReady) exam may be suggested

  • You graduated from a US High School more than 10 years ago with an unweighted GPA of less than 2.8
  • You received one of the following High School Equivalency credentials: GED (before 2014), HiSet
  • You graduated from an adult high school (AHS) program
  • You graduated from a foreign high school

Resources RISE (EdREADY)

These resources are external companies and have no association with Isothermal Community College and are listed as references which may help you prepare for your tests.

Contact for information

Advising and Success Center
Student Center, Room 32
Office: 828-395-1436

Office hours

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Subject to change depending on availability.