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Academic Development Courses

Federal regulations allow students to attempt up to 30 credit hours of academic development course work. Academic development courses have a course number that begins with a zero (MAT 003, ENG 002, etc.). Hours beyond the 30 credit hour limit will not be included in the student’s enrollment status. Students who are nearing the maximum limit may have their enrollment status reduced should academic development hours cause them to exceed the 30 credit hour limit. For example, a student who attempted 28 academic development credit hours and enrolls in a 4 credit hour academic development class will only have 2 of the 4 hours included in enrollment status. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the number of academic development hours attempted. Grades earned in academic development courses will be included in the calculation of financial aid grade point average (FA-GPA).   Sometimes prerequisites can count as remedial course work if it is required for the student's program of study and is not included in any other section on the program evaluation.