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Computer Integrated Machining

Curriculum Description

The Computer-Integrated Machining curriculum prepares students with the analytical, creative and innovative skills necessary to take a production idea from an initial concept through design, development and production, resulting in a finished product. Coursework may include manual machining, computer applications, engineering design, computer-aided drafting (CAD), computer-aided machining (CAM), blueprint interpretation, advanced computerized numeric control (CNC) equipment, basic and advanced machining operations, precision measurement and high-speed multi-axis machining.Graduates should qualify for employment as machining technicians in high-tech manufacturing, rapid-prototyping and rapid-manufacturing industries, specialty machine shops, fabrication industries, and high-tech or emerging industries such as aerospace, aviation, medical, and renewable energy, and to sit for machining certification examinations.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Understand and evaluate a basic blueprint using specified NIMS tolerances and industry standards
  • Identify work orders and write out or modify as needed correctly, calculate information needed to machine parts to correct specs
  • Locate the part location information on computer and enter parts in the CNC machine, and complete a CNC machine part
  • Construct input milling by properties, and simulate cutting operation of 3-D surface and solid modeling features by computer-assisted methods
  • Evaluate machining process during cutting operation and adjust initial variable settings to achieve maximum results
  • Create a multiple part mechanism which requires both CNC milling and turning to manufacture a capstone

After Graduation:

What jobs are available for our graduates?

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Fabrication Shops
  • Medical suppliers
  • Racing 
  • Tool and Die making

Potential employers for our graduates:

  • BorgWarner
  • Curtis/Wright Flight systems
  • Freightliner
  • GE Aerospace
  • Parker Hannifin
  • Unison Aerospace

Preparing for a career in Computer-Integrated Machining:

Students will receive hands on training with a large variety of machines and tools. Students will learn blueprint reading, machine calculations, and CAD/CAM. Course work will include manual machining, precision measuring, and high speed multi-axis machining on CNC machines.


Contact for information

Applied Sciences and Technology
Applied Sciences
Office: 828-395-1441
Fax: 828-286-4014
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Office hours

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Subject to change depending on availability.

Jeff Waters
Computer Integrated Machining Instructor