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Advertising and Graphic Design

Curriculum Description

The Advertising and Graphic Design curriculum is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills necessary for employment in the graphic design profession which emphasizes design, advertising, illustration, and digital and multimedia preparation of printed and electronic promotional materials. Students will be trained in the development of concept and design for promotional materials such as newspaper and magazine advertisements, posters, folders, letterheads, corporate symbols, brochures, booklets, preparation of art for printing, lettering and typography, photography, and electronic media. Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities with graphic design studios, advertising agencies, printing companies, department stores, a wide variety of manufacturing industries, newspapers, and businesses with in-house graphics operations.

Graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and elements of design through hands-on application
  • Demonstrate proficiency in design application, analysis, specification and creation of typographical elements
  • Produce quality illustrations from concept to finished artwork
  • Utilize software applications to creatively manipulate and illustratively build digital images which accomplish the design objectives
  • Prepare and professionally present an effective portfolio and related self-promotional materials
  • Create effective photographic images for the purpose of communicating a message

After Graduation

What jobs are available for graduates?

  • Advertising
  • Computer Graphics
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration and Art
  • Photography
  • Printing, Typography and Publishing
  • Product Design
  • Web-page Development and Maintenance

Potential employers for Advertising and Graphic Design graduates:

  • Printers/Publishers
  • Design Studios
  • Event Organizers
  • In-house Art Departments
  • Packaging Companies
  • Photography Studios
  • Sign and Outdoor Advertisers
  • Web Developers

Preparing for a career in Advertising and Graphic Design you must:

  • Be able to effectively utilize industry-specific software
  • Be able to work productively both individually and as part of a team
  • Be creative
  • Communicate through various media including print and digital formats
  • Create images using a variety of media including painting, drawing, photography, digital and other methods
  • Incorporate the principles and elements of good design
  • learn to critique constructively and communicate effectively
  • Research and manage data
  • Solve visual problems

How can I know if an Advertising and Graphic Design is right for me?

Make an appointment to visit the Office of Learning Support and Retention. A career counseling professional will meet with you to help you assess your interest and abilities in an effort to discover a career path that is right for you. Call 828-395-1436 to make an appointment.





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Zachary Freeman
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