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Ways To Prepare for TEAS 

A Suggested List of items to prepare for the ATI TEAS Exam:

Students applying to our nursing programs here at Isothermal Community College are required to take the standardized exam called ATI TEAS. Each program has a certain score that the student must achieve so the student's files can be delivered to the director(s) of the program for final review for selection for acceptance.

Students are encouraged to prepare for the exam to meet the score requirement and progress to the next level.

We have some great suggestions and resources for students to prepare themselves for the ATI TEAS exam. 

2020-2021 ATI TEAS Study Manual; ISBN: 978-1565332324 

Suggested locations to purchase

Students may purchase materials from ATI testing by viewing their website at  ATI Testing Bookstore Website. Students can purchase the study manual and go to the events tab for additional materials such as YouTube, Courses on Demand, and practice exams.

You can also purchase the ATI manual by going to Amazon.

Check this link as well, more available knowledge Mometrix Test Preparation.

Isothermal Community College, College and Career Readiness

Our wonderful staff in Continuing Education/ICC College and Career Readiness are offering a FREE ATI TEAS exam prep course. The open enrollment is available NOW!

It will go over reading skills and strategies, math, and science-human body. This course can be done at the convenience of your own home. If you need assistance then you can reach out to the staff for private tutoring.

Take advantage of the great opportunity by contacting Barbara Callahan at 828-395-1631(leave a message) or to sign up.

Writing Center (Moodle)

Students can log into their Moodle account, view the Writing Center Moodle page and go to Grammar and Mechanics Review. Please feel free to contact our staff at the Writing Center at 828-395-1407 or 828-395-1302. The location of the Writing Center is the Administration Building, 2nd Floor, and Room 211.

ICC Library

Students automatically have access to a handy tool called NC Live login, scrolling down to Databases by title, clicking on Learningexpress Library complete and prepstep academic and then typing in the keyword “TEAS”.

If you need help please feel free to visit our Spindale Campus library, or contact our staff at 828-395-1307. They are a great source of help for any topic.