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Seven students graduated from Basic Law Enforcement Training at Isothermal Community College this week. Pictured are instructor Chris Francis (left to right), Joey Sisk, Shane Jackson, Zachery Camby, Noah Jackson, Dilon Byrd, Steve Starling, Tye Galloway, Ava Yamouti, dean of Health and Public Services, and program director Philip Bailey.

Seven students graduate from Basic Law Enforcement Training

By: Mike Gavin
Published: May 28, 2024

SPINDALE (May 20, 2024) – Seven students graduated from the Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) program at Isothermal Community College on Monday evening.   

The BLET program is the state-mandated course of study for anyone interested in becoming a certified law enforcement officer. The students who completed the program were trained in 36 topics including criminal law, arrest, search, and seizure, driver training, defense tactics, firearms, and other related law enforcement topics.   

The students who earned a graduation certificate for the 640-hour training program are Dilon Byrd, Zachery P. Camby, Tye S. Galloway, Corley Shane Jackson, Noah E. Jackson, Michael Joe Sisk, Jr., and Steven A. Starling.   

The students were honored in a ceremony that began with an invocation by Chris Francis, BLET qualified assistant, followed by the National Anthem, led by Officer Samantha Smith of the Forest City Police Department.  President Margaret Annunziata welcomed the audience.  

Chief Mark Chris Bedingfield of the Biltmore Forest Police Department delivered the commencement address to the students.  

Then, Philip Bailey, the BLET program director, and instructor Chris Francis presented certificates and awards.  Ava Yamouti, dean of Health and Public Services, made the closing remarks.  

All graduates earned certificates in Basic Law Enforcement Training, ASP/Baton, Taser and Pepper Spray.  

Noah E. Jackson earned the award for the Top Academic Award and the Most Improved POPAT Award. Dilon Levi Byrd earned the Highest State Exam Award. Michael Joe Sisk, Jr., earned the Top Firearms Award. 

This is the 86th BLET class to graduate from Isothermal Community College since it began conducting the training in the late 1970s.   

The next BLET class begins soon. Many local law enforcement agencies are providing financial assistance for student. For information, contact Brenda McFarland at 828-395-1668 or Bailey at 828-395-1644.