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Use of Alcohol at Campus Events

  1. Use of Alcoholic Beverages Approval Required. Alcoholic beverages may be permitted in College buildings or on College grounds only under special approval by the President provided, however, that student groups are never allowed to have alcoholic beverages on campus for any events.
  2. ABC Permits. Upon such preliminary approval, a limited Special Occasion Permit and all other applicable permits for the use of alcoholic beverages must be secured by the applicant from the North Carolina ABC Commission. ABC permits must be presented to the President no less than two (2) business days prior to the event. A copy of the permit must be displayed during the event.
  3. Security. For any event where alcohol is served, a sheriff’s deputy or approved private security officer must be present on the premises. The College will determine the number of officers that will be needed to cover the event. The applicant shall pay the full cost of providing such security.
  4. Liability Insurance. The applicant must provide to the College a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of no less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) and naming the College as an additional insured on said policy. A copy of the certificate of insurance must be received by the President no less than five (5) business days prior to the event.
  5. Service of Alcoholic Beverages. The following regulations shall apply:
    1. Alcoholic beverages may be served only by and to adults age twenty-one (21) or older. The applicant is required to ensure that all servers take precautions to ensure guests are not served inappropriate amounts of alcohol and to further ensure that no one under the age of twenty-one (21) is served.
    2. All alcoholic beverages must be served and consumed only in the area in which the ABC permit is posted.
    3. All alcoholic beverage distribution will be under the control of a bartender and/or caterer. Such distribution will be discontinued for a patron or an entire event at the discretion of a College official, a bartender or a security officer on duty.
    4. The caterer or applicant must arrange to obtain the alcoholic beverages and transport them to and from the College facility.
    5. Common source containers without an individual server through a licensed and bonded caterer (e.g., kegs, alcoholic punches, etc.) are prohibited. Brown bagging is prohibited.
  6. Instructional Use: Alcohol may be used in approved instructional situations (e.g., cooking classes, laboratory experiments), which meet the requirements of all state laws.
  7. No Use of Public Money. No state or local tax dollars can be used to acquire or serve alcoholic beverages.

Policy Number: 02.02.05

Adopted: March 28, 2023

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