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Campus Free Speech, Distribution of Material and Assembly

Free speech, which includes the right to distribute material and peacefully assemble, is central to the College’s academic mission. The College encourages and supports open, vigorous and civil debate across the full spectrum of society’s issues as they present themselves to the College community. At the same time, limitations on activities on College property are necessary so that the College may fulfill its primary mission of educating students. The use of outdoor space on the College’s campus does not represent an endorsement or support by the College of the content or viewpoints expressed by the individual or group using the space. The College is a limited public forum and does not discriminate based on content or viewpoint.

The President is authorized to develop procedures for public use of the College’s outdoor spaces for free expression, distribution of material and assembly.

For issues dealing with the use of indoor spaces and facilities, see Policy 02.02.03 – Facility Use.

Policy Number: 02.03.05

Adopted: March 28, 2023

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