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College Records

I. General Policy

The College will retain and destroy records in accordance with this Policy and the approved Record Retention and Disposition Schedule (“the Schedule”) for community colleges adopted by the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources and the North Carolina Department of Community Colleges.

This Policy deals with general College records. For more specific information regarding personnel and student records and clarification regarding electronic records, see:

  1. Policy 03.03.01 – Personnel Files.
  2. Policy 05.04.03 – Students Records – FERPA.
  3. Policy 07.03 – Electronic Records Retention.

North Carolina Public Records Act

Unless otherwise exempt by law, all records made or received regarding the transaction of public business are public records pursuant to the North Carolina Public Records Act, as defined by the North Carolina Public Records Act, N.C.G.S. § 132-1 et seq. Records may not be deleted or otherwise disposed of except in accordance with the Schedule. The content of the record determines its retention requirement.

III. Records Custodian

The College’s overall records custodian is the Vice President of Administrative Services and inquiries regarding the College’s records should be directed to this office; however, inquiries regarding student records should first be made to the Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs and inquiries regarding personnel records should first be made to the Director of Human Resources. For clarification as to electronic records, see Policy 07.03 – Electronic Records Retention.

IV. Litigation Hold

A litigation hold is a directive not to destroy records which might be relevant to a pending or imminent legal proceeding. The President may establish a committee to oversee and monitor litigation holds. In the case of a litigation hold, the committee shall direct employees, as necessary, to suspend the normal retention procedure for all related records.

V. Record Disposition

Records may only be disposed of in accordance with the schedule. Prior to the disposition of any record or record group after the applicable retention period, the records custodian will create and maintain a destruction log.

The President is authorized to adopt appropriate procedures to implement this policy.

Policy Number: 02.03.08

Legal Reference:

N.C.G.S. §§ 121-5; 132-1 et seq;Retention Schedule:

Adopted: March 28, 2023

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