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Bulletin Board/Posting on Campus

  1. Campus bulletin boards are provided for employees and recognized student organizations. For purposes of this Policy a "recognized student organization" is defined as an organized student group that is recognized by the Student Government Association.
  2. The use of campus bulletin boards by recognized student organizations or College employees is subject to the following general regulations:
    1. All materials posted on campus bulletin boards must be directly related to College programs, events, clubs or services.
    2. All posted materials must: a) be clear and legible; b) include the sponsoring club or College program/division/department name; c) include the date; and d) provide current contact information.
    3. Posted materials shall not include language that is obscene or language that: a) incites criminal conduct; b) constitutes a clear and present danger; or c) causes a substantial disruption in the College’s business operations.
    4. All notices must be posted on a bulletin board. No notice, advertisement, document or signage of any kind may be affixed to any building, wall, window, door, street, sidewalk, traffic sign, campus signage, light post or pole, trash can, staircase, railing, tree or other vegetation or any other part of the campus. Campus bulletin boards are the sole designated location for posting communications.
    5. Flyers may remain on a bulletin board for three weeks or two business days after the event or service advertised has ended, whichever is sooner. It is the responsibility of the recognized student organization or College employee to remove its advertisement in a timely manner.
  3. Any violation of these provisions shall result in the immediate forfeiture of the privilege of using campus bulletin boards and possible disciplinary action.
  4. General bulletin boards, upon which the public may post flyers for events, job postings, and other appropriate purposes, are located in the Business Sciences Building, and the Student Center. These postings may be removed at any time to make space for college postings.
  5. The College reserves the right to remove fliers and signage without notice if it is outdated or does not adhere to this Policy.

Policy Number:

Adopted: March 28, 2023

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