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Bomb Threat

I. Introduction

In order to be prepared for a bomb threat, the following procedures have been established to: determine how and by whom a bomb threat will be evaluated; establish a chain of command for bomb threat situations; describe the procedures to be followed if facilities are to be evacuated; assign responsibility for searching facilities; and provide updates to key administrative staff on appropriate responses to bomb threats.


II. Procedures


  1. If a Bomb Threat is Received:
    1.  The individual receiving the threat should gather and record as much information as possible and then call 911 and the Campus Resource Officer (CRO) immediately. The  CRO will immediately notify the President. If the President is not immediately available then the CRO shall notify the Vice President of Administrative Services and, if that person is not immediately available, then the Director of Marketing and Community Relations is to be notified. If none of the individuals in the chain of command are available on campus, the CRO will contact the President or Vice President of Administrative Services on their mobile phones.
    2. The President, or in his/her absence, the next available administrator, shall work cooperatively with law enforcement and emergency personnel to evaluate the threat and determine the appropriate action to be taken. The building(s) may be searched and/or evacuated, if necessary. The administrator in charge shall coordinate with the following personnel to implement action plans: security personnel; maintenance; and emergency services (911 dispatch).
  2. If Facilities are to be Evacuated:
    1. Evacuation notices will be announced by network email, telephone and emergency messaging protocols.
    2. College employees shall assist in clearing the buildings of people and then exit themselves.
    3. Maintenance and/or custodial staff will assist emergency response personnel to search and clear buildings, if requested.
    4. All students, and those employees not required to remain on campus, should evacuate the campus and remove their vehicles unless otherwise instructed by emergency personnel to remain on campus.
    5. The President or administrator in charge shall determine when the College shall return to normal operations. Employees and students will receive an emergency notification when the College is set to reopen. 

Policy Number:

Adopted: March 28, 2023

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