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Work Request Procedures

In order for the work request to be handled in a timely and acceptable manner, your cooperation is needed. The requester and personnel of the maintenance department, to insure satisfactory completion of the job, should follow these guidelines. It is the goal of the Maintenance staff to meet and exceed the expectations in all areas of service to the college staff and faculty. 

Faculty and Staff:

  • All approved work requests must be properly completed and submitted in writing to the Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance.
  • Paperwork must be completed at the time of submitting the work request (surplus cards, transfer instructions, etc.)
  • Special instructions must be included with the work request. This includes specific locations for items being transferred or moved. 
  • As work requests are processed and assigned, appointments will be scheduled, when necessary, by the maintenance secretary for the maintenance staff to arrive and complete the task. If the requester is not available to meet the appointment, it is their responsibility to have another member of their staff to meet with the maintenance staff to deliver specific instructions when required or to reschedule prior to the day and time that maintenance are to arrive.  When specific instructions are required and the requester does not keep appointments, the work order will be returned to the Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance for reassignment. 
  • Work requests that are considered as “Emergencies” must be submitted to the Vice President of Administrative Services for review and approval to receive priority status. 
  • Work requests will be processed in an unbiased manner based on the date received in the office of the Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance.
  • Requests involving multiple jobs and jobs that differ in nature must be submitted on separate work requests.

Maintenance Department:

  • Work requests will be reviewed and assigned by the Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance. The request will be given priority only by the date received in the office. Upon receipt of the work request, the request will be logged by the date received and tracked until completed. 
  • The Director will assign the request based on the specific abilities and qualifications of the staff. Once the assignment has been made it will include information helpful in monitoring the efficiency of the staff. The information logged will be: 1) date of assignment; 2) staff member assigned task; 3) expected date of completion; 4) type of work.
  • All maintenance and custodial staff will be responsible for collecting their assigned work requests from the maintenance office at the beginning of each workday. Completed work requests will be filled out and submitted to the maintenance secretary in order that the requests can be logged as completed. Should an expected date of completion need to be extended, it is the responsibility of the staff member to notify the Director of Plant Operations & Maintenance prior to that date for clarification and approval.  Work requests must not be postponed due to preference or the establishment of a priority method. Those who manipulate work requests in this manner will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the college policy and procedure manual.
  • A monthly progress report will be submitted for review to the Vice President of Administrative Services by the Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance by the 10th day following month end. 
  • From time to time, the services of outside contractors or vendors may be necessary to provide adequate services for the task requested. In this circumstance, the requester will be notified about the circumstances and given all relevant information before the project is initiated. Additional time may be needed to determine the appropriate budget codes and classification of the project.

Policy Number: 801-03-01AP


Adopted: May 22, 1991

Amended: July 20, 2006

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