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Sign and Announcement Postings

The buildings and grounds of Isothermal Community College are considered nonpublic forums because the facility is reserved for the purpose of the College and is not necessarily open to the public for expressive activities. However, the College shall allow individuals or community groups to post signs and announcements on General Announcement bulletin boards. All other bulletin boards are reserved for college and college-related announcements and information materials.

Signs and announcements posted on General Announcement bulletin boards should not be larger than 8 ½” x 11” and should not be placed over announcements already posted. Each announcement should have the posted date clearly visible and should be removed two weeks from the date posted.

The College does not assume any obligation or responsibility for the content of the materials distributed. The College reminds all individuals or organizations posting materials to be aware of current laws concerning defamation, obscenity, fair labor practices, and other applicable law.

Posting any type of posters or announcements to any walls and doors is prohibited. Campus affiliated groups or individuals must obtain permission to affix posters and announcements to glass surfaces from the appropriate Dean/Director.

Policy Number: 801-01-02AP

Adopted: May 22, 1991

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