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Use of Institutional Vehicles

Employees who wish to use an institutional vehicle for school-related work or activities must submit a request to their Dean/Director for approval. The Dean/Director forwards the request to the appropriate Vice President or to the President for approval. The approved request is then forwarded to the Secretary of Plant Operations and Maintenance to confirm vehicle availability. Only written requests will be honored. If no vehicle is available, the request will be returned with a statement to that effect, signed by the Secretary to the Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance. If no vehicle is available, the employee may use his/her personal vehicle and be reimbursed at the current state mileage rate. Also, a staff member may elect to use a personal car for convenience and be reimbursed at a reduced state mileage rate.

Instructional vehicles must be returned at the time indicated on the request form and should be returned, if possible, with a ½ full fuel tank. Employees are encouraged to have the oil checked each time fuel is purchased.

Any complaints concerning the operational order of the vehicles should be given to the Director of Plant Operations and Maintenance. Employee assistance is necessary if the vehicles are to be kept in good working order.

Students are not authorized to drive Institutional cars.

Policy Number: 702-02-02AP

Adopted: May 22, 1991

Amended: November 17, 1994; July 20, 2006

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