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Deferred Tuition Policy

Tuition, registration fees and required academic fees are due and payable at the time of the student’s registration. However, the college shall grant a deferred payment option in emergency situations subject to the approval of the student Application for Deferred Payment. No application for deferred payment will be considered until the last day of registration. Approvals for deferment will be set forth in a contract stipulating the terms of payment and consequences of forfeiture.

No contracts will be granted for a period greater than three weeks following the first day of the semester. Students with outstanding balances at the end of the three week period will be administratively withdrawn from courses. The deferred payment option is available to a student only one time in a two-year period. Final authority for granting deferred payments rests with the Controller.

No student shall be permitted to graduate or to register for a new semester unless payment of all outstanding fees has been received or has been guaranteed in writing by a financially responsible person or organization. The college shall withhold transcripts of grades pending resolution of the outstanding obligations.

Policy Number: 701-04-00BP

Adopted: April 1965

Reviewed: March 2018

Amended: June 12, 1972; May 1984; November 1986; November 1987; November 1989; July 1993; November 9, 2004; August 2005

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