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Registration Fees

Registration fees for self-supporting continuing education courses will be set to cover the direct and indirect costs of the program as well as provide for a reserve. Some courses will not be able to cover their costs. The objective is for the total program to cover its costs.

Direct Costs

The direct costs include instructor costs, instructional supplies, rental costs, marketing, equipment, refreshments, and other costs directly associated with operating a course. 

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs include utilities, custodial, security, administration, clerical, and other costs associated with the support of the program. 


A reserve would be generated and maintained from income exceeding direct and indirect costs. This reserve could be used for:

  1. Holding a 20% - 40% reserve of the annual operating budget 
  2. Replacement and addition of equipment
  3. Program improvement
  4. Other costs that provide direct benefit to the students 


Specific fees may be charged to a Continuing Education student for an amount up to $300 per course. These fees will be deposited in a local institution fund account. They will be used for the purpose for which they were charged and collected, including certification fees, texts, tests, insurance, tools, etc. as well as other consumables expended in the instructional process. Any fee over $300 will have specific approval by the College Board of Trustees. The President will be authorized to approve all fees under $300 and will make an annual report to the College Board of Trustees of fees that were charged.

Policy Number: 501-02-00BP

Adopted: March 25, 1999

Amended: February 12, 2002; July 20, 2006; May 12, 2009; November 28, 2012

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