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Instructional Live Projects

Isothermal Community College shall utilize live projects in compliance with North Carolina Administrative Code: 23 NCAC 02D .0310 to enhance instruction and improve student learning. Live projects will be considered only when a project proposal is directly related to the learning objectives of the course and to the instructional program. 
Live projects are defined as:

  1. Educational programs in which students, as a part of their educational experiences, repair or remodel equipment not owned by the college; or
  2. Educational programs that produce goods that are sold or services for which charges are made, such goods or services being the normal and necessary product of learning activities of students.

Authorized Projects

Live projects are authorized only when the service or work to be performed is related directly to the instruction being conducted at the time the project is undertaken.

Live projects will be authorized in the following areas:

  • Applied Sciences
  • Business Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Select Continuing Education Classes

Project Planning

A Live Project Planning Request should be initiated by the instructor, in accordance with the course syllabus and learning objectives for a given course, class, or program. Projects should be planned and approved well in advance to involve students at times that will provide the best learning experience. Plans for live projects should be authorized by the supervising dean, vice president of academic and student services, and the vice president of administrative services.

Client and Work Order Approval

Once the Live Project Plan is authorized, the instructor may recruit clients to submit live project work orders. Clients may seek repair of equipment or possessions or the formation of new products. Examples include construction of storage cabinets or repair of a machined part.   Clients may also seek services, such as development of a marketing plan, or advice on computer software.   

The instructor will initiate the Client Approval and Work Order Form. Students, faculty, and members of the staff of Isothermal Community College may participate in live work projects. Members of the community may participate only when approved by the president. 


Clients/students will be required to pay for all needed parts, materials, and supplies. The owner of the item shall purchase all spare parts, materials and/or supplies essential to the project and deliver them to the instructor concerned prior to the beginning of work. If parts or materials are missing, the project will not proceed. 

Live Work Supervision

Instructors shall be responsible for ensuring that instructional objectives are obtained and effective teaching techniques are employed. Instructors shall also ensure that all live projects are performed on campus. Off campus projects must be approved by the appropriate dean, vice president of academic and student services, vice president of administrative services, and the president. Instructors will not perform live projects if students are not involved.


Fees for live project sales or service must be approved by the president prior to the start of any project activities. Live project fees will be approved by the Board of Trustees along with other fees regularly charged by the college.

Quality of Service

Patrons shall be informed that services are performed by students and that the college cannot be responsible for the quality of the services performed.


  • For all courses in which a live project is desired, the Live Project Planning Request is completed and authorized prior to the commencement of the course.     
  • Potential project requests are submitted by clients to the instructor.
  • If the instructor deems the client request appropriate and an enhancement to learning, the request is forwarded for final approval to the dean, vice president of academic and student services, vice president of administrative services, and president. Priority for clients will be given to students in the class, other Isothermal Community College students, nonprofit organizations, faculty and staff. ICC employees who are covered by the North Carolina Ethics Act are not allowed to submit clients for live work projects.  
  • If multiple projects are submitted, clients will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • A Liability Release Statement must be completed for each project, regardless of how minor, and signed by the owner of the equipment, material, or product. 
  • The Client Approval and Work Order Form shall be prepared in duplicate and one copy will be retained by the supervising dean for one year; one copy will be provided for the customer/student. The Client Approval/Work Order must have approval signatures of all parties before work is initiated.
  • Live project items must be removed from campus within three working days following completion of work.

Policy Number: 402-02-06BP

Adopted: April 1965

Reviewed: July 2018

Amended: May 1984; November 1986; November 1987; November 1989; July 1993; August 2005; May 24, 2011

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