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Textbook Policy


All desk copies of texts or other supplementary aids such as test booklets, answer sheets, etc., must be ordered by the instructional Dean/Director.


Isothermal Community College recognizes unsolicited textbooks and examination textbooks as the personal property of the recipient instructor.   Said personal property may be disposed of at the discretion of the individual faculty member; however, in the event of profit resulting from the sale of unsolicited textbooks, the obligation of reporting profit, if such obligation exists, remains with the faculty member.

Any limitations established by the publishers must be observed. Complimentary textbooks stamped “not for sale or resale” can not be sold as property of the college or the individual. In addition, textbooks that are determined to be the property of the college can only be sold by the college in accordance with the requirements established by G.S. 115-D-15 for the disposal of surplus property. 

Solicitation of textbooks or examination copies for the intended purpose of resale is considered unethical and will be administratively censured. 

Policy Number: 402-01-00AP

Adopted: May 22, 1991

Amended: July 20, 2006

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