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Textbook Orders


The bookstore is operated primarily to supply textbooks and other instructional materials to the students of the college. The bookstore hours are listed in the college catalog. Procedures for placing textbook orders are as follows:


All approved textbooks are purchased on the basis of a request prepared by the teacher of the subject or the Dean/Director and new adoptions are approved by the appropriate Vice President. Books are ordered on a one-semester basis at a time.


  1. Detailed information concerning textbooks will be maintained by the Director of Bookstore Operations and copies of textbook orders will be available in the offices of the Deans/Directors. 
  2. The desire to make a change should be given to the Deans/Directors who will relay the request in writing to the appropriate Vice President. If the Vice President approves the change, he/she will then advise the Director of Bookstore Operations of the change. If the bookstore has no inventory of new or used books, there is no problem in making the change.

Policy Number: 402-01-01AP

Adopted: May 22, 1991

Amended: July 20, 2006; January 28, 2009

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