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Tuition and fees for self-supporting curriculum courses will be equal to the current tuition and fees for the equivalent FTE generating course unless the tuition and fees have been established by the NCCCS or SBCC. The objective is to make the self-supporting aspect of the curriculum course transparent for the student. The number of enrolled students should cover the direct cost of instruction for the course. Direct cost includes instructor costs, instructional supplies, and other costs directly associated with operating a course. Any surplus funds derived from these classes will be used in a manner consistent with 1E SBCCC 600.4.

Policy Number: 401-03-03BP

Adopted: March 26, 1999

Reviewed: 2/10/2021

Amended: February 12, 2002; July 20, 2006; May 12, 2009; November 28, 2012

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