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Advisory Committees for Academic Programs

Program advisory committees are appointed by the deans/directors and meet for the purpose of providing exchanges of information between the institution and business/industry fields concerning the needs and capabilities of the College and the community in specific program areas. These committees are composed of the appropriate deans/directors, ex officio faculty and members of the business/industry community. To assure effective implementation of this policy the following operational definitions and procedures will be followed. 

Advisory Committee Purpose

The purpose of program advisory committees is to provide a communication link between the college program providers and the employers and employees served by the programs to assure students receive high quality, up-to-date training.

Functions of an Advisory Committee Include:

  1. Advise, counsel, and assist in the planning, development, and evaluation of technical and vocational curriculum programs.
  2. Advise college program providers regarding trends and needs in job performance.
  3. Review and make recommendations regarding program facilities, equipment, and instructional materials. 

Advisory Committee Membership

A program advisory committee of at least five employer/employee members shall be established for Associate of Applied Sciences curriculum program or closely related programs. The appropriate dean and faculty shall serve as ex officio members.

Advisory Committee Meetings

Program advisory committees shall meet at least once each academic year to complete each of the three functions outlined above. Minutes will be recorded and submitted to the vice president of academic and student services within one month following the meeting.

Policy Number: 401-03-01AP

Adopted: May 22, 1991

Reviewed: July 2018

Amended: September 1, 1993; January 28, 2009

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