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Course Repeat

Courses with earned grades of “D” or “F” may be repeated. Courses with earned grade of “C” or better may be repeated only by special permission from the vice president of academic and student services or if the academic program requires a higher grade than the one achieved for successful program completion. When a course has been repeated, the higher grade will be counted in the grade point average calculation. Physical education credit courses may not be taken for a grade of “audit.” Non-credit recreation courses offered through Continuing Education may be repeated at will. Courses taken as audit may be repeated for credit only. No course may be audited more than once.

Transitional courses are exempt from this policy. Students who feel they may benefit from enrolling in transitional courses (e.g. RISE English and Math courses) for which they have earned non-course credit should speak with their academic advisor and Student Services staff to determine their best options for enrollment.

Students Using Financial Aid

Students using various forms of financial aid may have additional considerations associated with funding course enrollment and course repeat options. Students who receive financial aid and have questions about funding should meet with a Financial Aid staff member for additional informaiton.

Students Using Veterans Education Benefits

Courses that have been successfully completed or for which the student has received non=course credit may not be recertified for veteran education benefits if they are repeated. However, if a student fails a course, or if the program requires a higher grade than the one achieved for successful program completion, that course may be repeated and recertified. Audited courses do not qualify and cannot be included in enrollment certification for veteran education benefits.

Policy Number: 401-01-01AP

Adopted: June 1 2011

Reviewed: February 2018

Amended: July 22, 2014; March 19, 2018; July 20, 2020

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