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Health Sciences Advising

Until students are accepted into their health program, they are considered General Occupation Technology majors. The Advisors provide health sciences advising to students planning to pursue an Associate Degree in Nursing, a Diploma in Practical Nursing, or a Diploma in Surgical Technology.

Health Sciences Information Meetings are held for those who want to learn more about the programs or have specific questions.

The Foothills Nursing Consortium Associate Degree in Nursing and Surgical Tech programs give strong preference to residents of Cleveland, McDowell, Polk and Rutherford Counties.

The Practical Nursing curriculum at Isothermal Community College prepares individuals with the knowledge and skills to provide nursing care to children and adults.

For quick information related to these programs please see the quick resource guides button to your right.

Health Sciences Advisor:

Tina PorterMrs. Tina Porter, B.S.,
Pre-Health Sciences Nursing Advisor

To schedule an appointment please call 828-395-1436.