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Human Resource Development Courses

Preparing For the Job Search 

This course is for anyone looking for a job. Whether you are unemployed, employed but looking to make a change, or entering the job market for the first time, there are proven strategies for increasing your success. A job search requires preparation and commitment. Come learn how to make the most of your time and energy. 

Participants will: 

  • identify individual barriers to employment and learn how to remove those barriers 
  • complete assessments and activities to identify their hard skills, talents, abilities and transferable skills 
  • learn resume´ format options and identify the best format for them 
  • develop a personalized, optimal resume´ highlighting their specific skills, talents and experience 
  • learn how to network and use proven strategies for a successful job search 
  • learn all about interviews: types of interviews, personal preparation, questions to expect, follow-up, local HR director’s biggest complaints 
  • participate in practice interviews 

Skills for the job search, skills for the job! 

Employability Skills: 

What Employers Want to See 

Marketing yourself to a potential employer involves knowing what employers are looking for and demonstrating that you can meet that need. Most people think about hard skills, education and experience, but there are other attributes that are important in the workplace. 

Soft skills are consistently identified by local employers as something very valuable in an employee, but difficult to find. 

Participants in this course will be introduced to: 

  • conflict resolution techniques 
  • problem-solving strategies 
  • concepts in teamwork and how to practice in the workplace 
  • communication—understanding enhancer's and inhibitors 
  • workplace attitude—understanding the why and how it affects the workplace. Strategies for a positive mental outlook 

Participants will increase their awareness, identify their strong and weak areas and develop personal steps to improve skills. Outcomes include being able to share knowledge of these concepts and personal abilities during job interviews. 

Technology Awareness for the Workplace 

Basic computer skills have become a necessity in not only the workplace, but for the job search leading to employment. 

This course provides students with hands-on learning as they are introduced to the basics, including components, operating systems, available programs and how to use the mouse. 

Participants will: 

  • learn how to utilize the Internet for career exploration and job search activities 
  • develop basic word processing skills for resume´ and cover letter development 
  • learn how to complete on-line applications and attach a resume´ 
  • learn how to create an e-mail account, create an e-mail message, reply to an e-mail message and attach files 
  • learn professional on-line etiquette 

Students should have basic keyboarding skills before taking this class. Keyboarding training is available through the Employability Lab.