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Tuition payment plan procedures

  1. Students must complete the Tuition Application and Tuition Contract.
  2. Once the Tuition Contract is approved, a 25% deposit is required.
  3. The student has three (3) weeks from the first day of the semester to make the final payment. If the remaining balance has not been paid by the due date listed on the signed contract, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the class(es).
  4. Any outstanding balances after the due date will be subject to the colleges normal collection procedures. If the balance remains outstanding for more than 60 days, the student’s account maybe turned over to a state approved collection agency and the North Carolina Department of Revenue for collection proceedings. The student will not be allowed to register again for classes or obtain a transcript until the balance owed is pain-in-full. An application for tuition deferment call only be made once every two year.


Read the complete Tuition Payment Plan Policy