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Program Costs

Prior to Admission

  • Health Physical estimated $100.00 (estimated)
  • ATI TEAS, $70.00

After Admission/Every Semester

  • Tuition is presently $76.00 per semester hour (The ADN A45110 program of study is 70/71 credit hours, depending on the student’s choice to take BIO 175 or 275) which is $5320.00 for 70 credits or $5396.00 for 71 credits.

First Semester (NUR 111)

In addition to tuition, the following are included with the first semester tuition:

  • Student Activity fee in fall and spring semesters only. The Student Activity fee is based on credit hours taken. For example, it is $20.00 for 1-4 credit hours, $25.00 for 5-8 credit hours, and $30.00 for 9 or more credit hours. (fees are approximate & vary per campus)
  • Technology fee is $35.00 fall and spring semesters only. (fees are approximate & vary per campus)
  • Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) fee of $1075.00 (including tax) attached to the NUR 111 course tuition, paid at time of registration (the ATI is a one-time fee, ATI lasts for duration of nursing program).
  • Lab Kit $160 (including tax) attached to the first semester (NUR 111).
  • Textbooks are estimated at about $755.00 (including tax) AND ARE PURCHASED IN FIRST SEMESTER (NUR 111). Students are also required to purchase a syllabus for each nursing course each semester with estimated cost of $10 each including tax.
  • Uniforms, Shoes, Stethoscope, etc., estimated $350.00 (varies based on items needed/


Clinical Agency Requirements:

  • Complio immunization tracking fee of estimated $15.00 in first semester and $15.00 2nd year, 4th
  • My Clinical Exchange clinical agency tracking /scheduling fee of $43.00/year (first semester & fourth semester) (Atrium Cleveland & Atrium Kings Mountain clinical only)
  • DrugForce Screening, Inc. criminal background check and drug screen is estimated $70.00. (This is done upon admission in first semester but additional background checks may be required by specific clinical facilities).

Last Semester:

  • Graduation Fees for cap, gown and diploma estimated $50.00 (last semester)
  • Nursing Pinning (uniform, cap, pin, ceremony) estimated $150.00 (last semester).

After Graduation

  • NCLEX – RN Examination Fees estimated at $350.00 (includes the North Carolina Board of Nursing $75.00 application fee, passport photo at $15.00, Live Scan application at $38.00, and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing application $200.00 fee.) (after graduation)


Generic (5 semester) Students

Fall 2021-Spring 2023 Approximate Fees/Costs
Name Cost
Preadmission health physical $100
Preadmission ATI TEAS $70
Tuition- 70 credits $5320
Tuition- 71 credits $5396
Student Activity Fee (Fall $30, Spring $30, Fall $30, Spring $30) $120
Technology Fee (Fall $35, Spring $35, Fall $35, Spring $35) $140
ATI fee $1075
Lab Kit $160
Textbooks $755
Uniforms, shoes, stethoscope, etc. $350
Complio ($15/year) $30
My Clinical Exchange ($43/yr) $86
Drug test/background check $70
Pinning $150
Graduation $50
TOTAL $8826.00 (70 credits) or
$8902.00 (71 credits)