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This program will earn students a credential from UNC Chapel Hill. 

How long will it take to earn this distinction?

The rate at which a student graduates with Global Distinction will vary depending on the rate the student completes the requirements. The program is designed to be completed over the course of multiple semesters.

Does this program transfer to other schools?

This will depend on whether the other community college has their own Global Distinction program. Isothermal Community College is one of many North Carolina community colleges who currently have a Global Distinction program.

Can I get credit for international events off campus?

An off-campus event that is not promoted by ICC’s Global Distinction program may be eligible for credit. Prior approval must be given by the program coordinator for the event to be counted among a student’s eight international activities.

How do I receive credit or track the events I attend?

All information will be tracked by the head of the Global Distinction program. Once a student enters the program, more information concerning tracking will be provided.

Do I have to be in a certain major or program to do this?

No. This program is open to all ICC curriculum students.

Does this program require international travel?

No. Though students are encouraged to take advantage of domestic and international trips offered through the college, all of the requirements of the program can be completed locally.