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Cosmetology Technical Standards

Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving Skills

Definition of Standards:

Cognitive ability to measure, calculate, reason, analyze, and integrate information.

Critical thinking ability sufficient for clinical judgement.

Examples of Standards:

Adhere to personal and professional ethics of the NC Cosmetology State Board and Professional standards of the salon industry.

Identify cause and effect relationship in clinical situations.

Apply knowledge,retain information and develop professional suggestions for salon services and treatment plans.

Interpersonal Skills

Definition of Standards:

Communication abilities sufficient for interaction with others.

Interpersonal skills sufficient for interaction with student, faculty, staff, clients, family, and other salon professionals.

Examples of Standards:

Establish rapport with clients, colleagues, members of the business community and other salon professionals.

Demonstrate patience and empathy with clients.

Demonstrate delivery of required salon services to a variety of individuals.

Collect client's information.

Know and explain salon services and procedures.

Comprehend and follow all manufacturer's directions and procedures accurately.

Document and interpret salon services developed, prescribed and performed.

Behavioral/Professional Skills

Definition of Standards:

Perform effectively and adapt to circumstances including highly stressful or rapidly changing situations.

Incorporate professional standards of practice into all activities.

Examples of Standards:

Examine and change behavior when it interferes with professional relationships, academics or salon/lab environments.

Maintain mature, sensitive and effective relationships with clients, colleagues, faculty, staff and other professionals.

Demonstrate professional demeanor during times of stress in salon/lab setting.

Deliver cosmetology services to diverse populations.

Work effectively with teams in an academic and professional setting.

Adhere to sanitation standards as directed by the State Board of Cosmetic Arts, Cosmetology faculty and Health Department.

Mobility/Motor Skills

Definition of Standards:

Gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to provide safe and effective salon services.

Be able to perform and receive salon services.

Examples of Standards:

Use equipment appropriately.

Assist clients with transfer and movement.

Ability to move around the workspace, salon, and/or simulated salon for long periods of time.

Ability to remain in a stationary position for long periods of time.

Sensory Abilities

Definition of Standards:

Visual and auditory abilities sufficient for following instructions, directions and assessment of services needed for clients in a simulated salon.

Tactile ability sufficient for observation and assessment necessary for client care.

Examples for Standards:

Ability to detect and address client needs

Observe and communicate with clients in and during salon service phase (pre and post).

Ability to discern changes in texture of hair, skin and nail.