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Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Estimated Cost

BLET Required Items and Price List

All students enrolled in the BLET program are required to have the following books and supplies. Each student is responsible for purchasing the following items in order to enroll and/or maintain enrollment in the BLET program. The below listed prices are based on the costs from the previous BLET. All items must be purchased at the beginning of the BLET.


  • North Carolina Crimes (and Supplement)
  • Arrest, Search and Investigation in North Carolina (and Supplement)
  • North Carolina Criminal Law and Procedure ( $750 )
  • First Responder-A Skills Approach (Textbook provided by instructor)
NC Residents $1,216
Non-residents $4,288

* Sponsorship by a local law enforcement agency waives the tuition cost.

Required items
BLET Uniform $60
Background Checks from all countries lived in since 16 $25
Federal Background $35
Physical (F1 and F2) $140
Running Shoes $75
Black shorts $15
Khaki Pants $35

Total for all: $1,135.00

All costs are approximate and are subject to change.