Isothermal Community College

Student Services

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 1974 - FERPA

Everyone is responsible – The right thing for us to do is to protect our student information. We are liable and can be sued, could even lose our federal funding.

An eligible student is any person 18 years old or attending Isothermal Community College as a post secondary institution. FERPA allows but does not mandate that we release information about under 18 year old dependents. We have chosen at Isothermal Community College to require signed releases from all our students.

Students Rights are:

  • To inspect and review educational records
  • To seek to have educational records amended
  • To have control over disclosure of records – directory and non-directory information

We are also required to keep a log of each request. Thus, requests for student information should be referred to the Records Office.

We must annually notify current students of their rights. We notify students through the Student Handbook which is available through print and the Isothermal Community College’s website.

Anything not listed below in the category of directory information can not be released to a third party without the student’s written permission. This includes parents, spouses, employers, other institutions or even employees of Isothermal Community College who do not have a need to know.

Items we have designated as directory information that can be released without written permissions are:

  • student's name
  • major fields of study
  • participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  • dates of attendance (Terms not actual attendance in class)
  • degrees, honors and awards received (i.e. graduation, Dean’s List)
  • email address
  • photograph (for campus publication purposes)

Letters of Recommendation – Do not require written permission as long as it only contains personal observation and knowledge. However, if grades or GPA are included, you must obtain written permission.

In cases of emergencies – First verify it is a true emergency. We can always involve our security. Never disclose information regarding student schedule/class location or just send the visitor to the class. We can never be too cautious with the protection of our students or our faculty and staff.

If ever in doubt, ask first.