Isothermal Community College

Teams for the Advancement of the Learning College

Team for the Advancement of the Learning College

TALC Council

TALC Council supports the efforts of our learning college journey by providing guidance for achieving Isothermal’s Learning College Principles and through the following functions:

  • Supporting and providing leadership for taskforces
  • Developing activities to support learning
  • Evaluating the focus and purpose of TALC taskforces
  • Collecting and assessing information to identify and address barriers to learning
  • Mentoring and cultivating leadership skills to sustain the learning college by developing a leadership training series
  • Establishing goals as part of the strategic planning process
  • Recognizing the definition of learners as students, employees, organization and community
  • Administering TALC budget as allocated by the college administration

TALC Council is comprised of 11 members. Three, including a Chair and Vice Chair or co-Chairs, and a Secretary, form the Leadership Team. The remaining positions are filled by various department representatives. TALC Council meets on a monthly basis. The TALC Council Chair meets with President's Council and College Council on a monthly basis for updates and reviews. In addition to functioning as the learning steering committee, the Council maintains a timeline of significant events in our learning journey.


Ashley Day
Biology Instructor
Sarah Kilgo
Information Systems Instructor