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Vaccination Policy

Students at Isothermal Community College are not required to provide proof of immunization for general admission to the college. However, students admitted to the Associate Degree Nursing (A45110), Practical Nursing (D45660), and Dental Assisting (D45240) programs must complete the Health Program Medical form which requires proof of immunization from childhood diseases, tuberculosis, and hepatitis B, as well as a current flu shot and TD booster. If you want more information about the health program immunization requirements for Associate Degree Nursing (A45110), Practical Nursing (D45660), or Dental Assisting (D45240), contact Tina Porter at 828-395-1621 or

Students entering the Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) Program (C55120) shall be required to select from the following options regarding immunization:

  1. Have already received the vaccination process
  2. Undergo the vaccination process at the candidates expense
  3. Execute a waiver of liability upon behalf of the Criminal Justice Training Center and Isothermal Community College