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Placement Test Information

What is the placement test?

The placement test is a set of aptitude tests that determine your academic abilities in English and Mathematics.

Why do I have to take it?

Scores determine your level of ability in these two subject areas placing you in the proper course in the right order to help you achieve successful completion of your academic program.

Who must take the placement test?

All students entering into the curriculum program who will receive a diploma or a degree upon completion. Students who meet certain criteria may be exempt from the placement test. You can learn more about what is needed for admissions to consider you for being exempt from testing.

What is on the test?

There are two parts to the test. The English part includes 50 multiple choice questions testing your reading and sentence editing skills. The English test also has a writing portion that requires you to write a 300 to 600-word essay. The second part tests in six areas of mathematics and includes 72 multiple choice questions.

How long does it take?

The entire test consisting of both parts will take approximately 4 hours to complete although there is no time limit. Multiple choice portions of the test are not timed so the tester can take as long as they need on these questions. The essay portion is limited to 2 hours.

Do I need to prepare for it?

It is recommended that you prepare. There are online study materials that provide sample questions to help you prepare for the test. If you are unable to access the online study materials, please stop by the Learning Support and Retention office to pick up a printed copy of sample test questions.

When do I take the tests?

Test times are held on various dates and times to provide flexibility to fit into your schedule. Visit the placement test schedule page to see when testing is taking place. The entire test can be taken at one time or you can take parts of the test in multiple testing sessions. Testing appointments can be scheduled by calling 828-395-1436 or by coming to the Learning Support and Retention office.

Are there special services for individuals with disabilities?

Students who have a documented disability and would like to request testing accommodations should contact the Disability Services Coordinator at 828-395-1732 to schedule a test session.