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ADN Admissions Process

Prospective nursing candidates should apply to the closest consortium member college to the student’s service area. Other applicants may apply to the college of their convenience.

Applicant records must be updated annually. If a student has applied previously, the student must reinitiate the process including retesting on designated examinations. FNC does not use a waiting list. 23 or 24 students from each college will be admitted every Fall Semester to the day or evening/weekend cohort for a maximum of 70 new admits in the program.

A semester curriculum plan is in effect. Previous quarter courses will be considered for credit; however, courses must be evaluated for appropriate credit hours.

General Admission Process - First Year Level

The following requirements must be met before you will be considered for admission to the ADN program. All material must be sent to the Admissions Office of your respective college.

  1. Complete and submit an application to admission to your appropriate college.
  2. Provide official transcript of high school education and/or GED scores.
  3. Submit an official transcript from all colleges, practical nursing programs or other nursing programs attended (course syllabi may be required). To be eligible to sit for the PSB-RN, the student must either
    1. hold a bachelor’s degree, or
    2. have an overall calculated college GPA of 2.5. To sit for the PSB-RN, the GPA is based on a minimum of 12 hours of college credit calculated as follows:
      • Most recent college cumulative GPA if there is a minimum of 12 hours of college credits
      • If less than 12 credit hours of college is earned, then use the un-weighted high school GPA
      • If the applicant has a GED, then advise to take 12 college credits before applying
      • If there are multiple transcripts with courses taken in the same most recent time period then at least one transcript has a 2.5 cumulative GPA calculated using a minimum of 12 college credit hours.
  4. Submit three (3) references (not relatives or close friends) who have known you for at least 6 months. Example: registered nurses, teachers, employers, supervisors, guidance counselors. References that are more than one year old at the time of the general admission requirement deadline will not be acceptable. References must be received by the admitting college in envelopes sealed by the reference persons on forms provided.
  5. Placement tests will be administered by the college of application. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the college’s testing center and make arrangements for placement testing.  The placement testing consists of Reading, English/Writing Skills, Numerical Skills and Algebra.
  6. Complete all developmental courses required as a result of placement tests with a grade of "C" or better by the specified deadline.
  7. Prerequisite courses: Students must either have (1) completed courses in high school biology and chemistry (complete high school unit) with a grade of “B” or above or (2) completed courses in *biology and **chemistry in college with a grade of “C” or above. Prerequisite courses are not accepted from the Adult High School Diploma Program unless the student is a graduate of the program.
  8. If notified by the Admission Office, eligible applicants report for the PSB-Nursing School Aptitude Examination-RN (fee is required).

*Students who have completed college level Anatomy & Physiology with a grade of ”C” or above will be exempt from the prerequisite biology course.
**Students must have completed Chemistry 131 and Chemistry 131A before apply for AD Nursing admissions.

Consortium College Pre-requisite Courses

Introductory Algebra - DMA 010 -050 or satisfactory placement test score

*General Biology I - BIO 111

**Introduction to Chemistry - CHM 131/131A

In addition to the general admission requirements:

Advanced Placement - Second Semester Entry

Candidates must also:

  1. Submit official copy of college, Practical Nursing or other Nursing Program transcripts (course syllabi may be required). 
  2. Submit evidence of current unrestricted license as a Practical Nurse in the state of North Carolina. Unrestricted license must also be current at time of acceptance into the program.
  3. Submit three (3) references, (not relatives or close friends) one of which must be a work reference if applicable. Example: teacher, employer, counselor.
  4. Report for the challenge exam when notified by the Admission office (fee is required).
  5. First year non-nursing courses (general/ related) and Anatomy and Physiology I must be in progress if the Anatomy and Physiology series has not been completed.

Final Selection for generic and advanced placement admission is based on a points system of the candidate's academic records (course grades and gpa), test results, favorable references and results of the physical and emotional examinations. Completion of requirements will not guarantee admission into the program. Written notification of acceptance will be mailed by the Admissions Office and AD Nursing Director.

Post Admission Information:

Personal health insurance is the responsibility of the AD Nursing student. Neither the college of application nor the clinical agencies provide health coverage for the student.

All students must provide proof of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification by the program orientation day.

Those admitted to the AD Nursing program must attend an orientation program prior to the first day of class. Students will be notified of orientation dates.

Students admitted will be assessed a one-time program fee approximately $740.00, plus tax the first semester. The charge covers a prescriptive learning program to help prepare for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN).

Graduates of the AD Nursing program are eligible to apply to sit for the NCLEX-RN which is required to practice as a registered nurse.

Enrollment in the AD Nursing Program is limited.

Dates/Deadlines for Fall 2017 Admission

General Admission requirements completed
Jan. 18

PSB Aptitude Examination
Feb. 8

Eligible students information will be mailed
Feb. 24

Semi-Finalist Group information sessions
March 6-10

Completed health forms due
April 13

Final Selection
March 20

Program will start August 2017.

Nursing & Surg Tech Information Meeting

AD Nursing Fall 2016 Admissions & Selection Rubric

AD Nursing Advanced Placement Rubric