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Where are the links?

Links to all online tools can be found at the bottom of Isothermal Community College's main page at as well as the bottom of this page.

The direct links are for E-Mail, for Moodle, and for Patriot Port.

E-Mail and Moodle: User Name and Password Guide

What you need to know first:
  1. Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  2. The college's E-Mail domain:
  3. Your Student ID
    Where to find it you student ID:
       * The top left of your class schedule, benneath your name
       * Letter or card received from the Admissions Office upon being accepted to the college
       * Below your picture on your Student ID Card
Examples below will be provided for student: John Q. Public, with Student ID 9991234
and SSN 000-00-9876.

Your User Name uses lower case letters and follows this scheme:
  1. The first letter of your first name (ex: j)
  2. Your full last name (ex: public)
  3. The last 4 digits of your student ID (ex: 1234)

John Q. Public's Moodle User Name is: jpublic1234

John Q. Public's Email address is

IMPORTANT: When logging into E-Mail, add the domain, to the User Name (ex:

Your password also uses this scheme:

  1. The first 2 letters of your first name, with the first letter capitalized (ex: Jo)
  2. The first 2 letters of your last name (ex: pu)
  3. An asterisk (ex: *)
  4. The last 4 digits of your SSN (ex: 9876)

John Q. Public's password is: Jopu*9876

Setting up Patriot Port

You need access to your student e-mail prior to getting on Patriot Port for the first time.

Note: Patriot Port begins by using the same user name format laid out above for E-Mail and Moodle.
However, you must follow these steps to set Patriot Port up:

  1. Go to
  2. Click: “I’m new to WebAdvisor” (on the right near the bottom)
  3. Read through the instructions and click “OK”
  4. Enter your last name and either SSN or ICC Student ID number, click “Submit”
  5. Your user-ID will show on the left side of screen.
  6. Select your campus email address from drop-down box and click “Submit”
  7. A temporary password will be sent to your student email
  8. Select Log In tab on Patriot Port page
  9. Enter your user ID and temporary password and click “Submit”
  10. You will be prompted to change your password to a permanent one (must be 6-9 characters including letters and numbers)
Revision Date: 15 September 2015