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Reply to and Delete Mail

The following video covers many general topics regarding using you student e-mail, including replying to and deleting e-mails.

Replying to E-mails
  1. Double click on the e-mail that you want to reply to. When you double click, the e-mail will appear in a new window.
  2. When the e-mail appears, click on the reply button.
  3. Then type your message in the box.
  4. Click on the send button and it will send you message.
Deleting an E-mail
  1. Click on the email that you want to delete. When you click the picture of the e-mail delete-step-1-1, the envelope will then turn into a check box delete-step-1-2.
  2. You can then click the delete button delete-step-2 and the message will be deleted.
Deleting Multiple E-mails
  1. Click on the e-mail image delete-multiple-step-1, beside the e-mail subject.
  2. When you do this they will turn into a box with a check mark delete-multiple-step-2. You can select as many emails as you want to by clicking on the e-mail images.
  3. You can click the delete button.
  4. When you do it will delete all the e-mails that were selected and send them to the delete items.

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