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Attachments and Files

The following video covers many general topics regarding using you student e-mail. Attaching files instructions can be found under the video.

Attaching Files:
  1. On the e-mail, click the attach button. (The attach button looks like a paperclip)
  2. Click browse button
  3. Click on the file that you want to attach.
  4. Click the open button.
  5. You can add more attachments by clicking choose more files.
  6. Another browse button will appear and you will repeat steps 2 through 4.
  7. After you are finished choosing your files, click the attach button.
  8. Your files are now ready to be sent.
Downloading and Viewing Attachments:

When you open an E-Mail, you will see "Attachments:" at the top under "To:". If the sender has included attachments in the E-Mail, you will have the option to click the file shown to begin download of that file. The option to view the file within your Web browser is also available ("Open in Browser").

Web-0004      Revision Date: 24 April 2013