Isothermal Community College

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Practical Nursing Diploma (LPN) Admissions Process

Practical Nursing Education (PN) is designed for students seeking to be a licensed practical nurse. Prospective practical nursing diploma candidates are encouraged to meet with the health sciences advisor to review admissions requirements.  The PN program is a competitive admissions program. It is recommended that students take as many related courses as possible prior to acceptance into the actual practical nurse program making the likelihood of success in the program stronger. While it is not a requirement to complete all related course work prior to acceptance, it does provide candidates with a good foundation to be better equipped for the academic rigor of the nursing coursework.  Applicant records must be updated annually. If a student has applied previously, the student must reinitiate the process including retesting on designated examinations and to be in contact with the Health Science Advisor.  There is no waiting list. Thirty-five students will be admitted every Fall Semester.

A semester curriculum plan is in effect. Previous quarter courses will be considered for credit; however, courses must be evaluated for appropriate credit hours.

Step 1: General Admission Process (Isothermal)

1.Complete the North Carolina Residency Determination Service (RDS) online interview/application at Be sure to record your Residency Certification Number (RCN). You will need it for the ICC application.

2. Complete the Online Application Process to Isothermal Community College and have an acceptance letter from Admissions at Apply using the major: A1030N, Associate in General Education-Nursing. 

3. Submit an official high school diploma or High School Equivalency diploma transcript (must be received prior to the start of the first semester of the PN program) to the Admissions Office.

4. Submit all official and sealed college transcript(s) from the issuing institution to the ICC Admissions Office for evaluation. * Please note that transfer credit can only be awarded for courses that reflect a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

5. Complete college placement test, which includes Reading, Writing, and Math skills, as indicated. A schedule of times and dates are available at the Advising & Success Center, Student Center Building.

Step 2: PN Admission Process (Pre-Nursing)

In order to be a candiate for the PN program students must complete the admissions process by the deadline date of March 25, 2019

1.  Once students complete the general college admissions requirements, including all required developmental coursework, prospective practical nurse diploma candidates must submit a completed PN Application to the health sciences advisor by the publicized date.  

The application includes:

  • Complete the dimograph portion of the application form.
  • Copy of all transcripts submitted to the Admissions Office, located in the Student Service building.
  • Three (3) references (only teachers or employers). Reference forms that are more than one (1) year old at the time of the general admission requirements deadline will not be accepted.

2. Complete all required developmental courses completed with a grade of “C” or better by the posted deadline date.

  • DMA 025 & 045  
  • DRE 096-098

3. Notification to take the TEAS exam will be submitted by the Nursing Advisor after the deadline date has passed.

  • Students are required to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) entrance exam prior to the enrollment deadline and score at least 60 or higher (effective 3/7/18).
  • After meeting the above requirements, the student will be notified to register for the TEAS.
  • Test dates will be posted.
  • See the link for more study material with the link to the right "Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Information".

Step 4: PN Process After Acceptance

Verification of the completion of a North Carolina state approved NAI Training program.  License must be good thourgh out the entire program. Students must have verification of license on the first day of class.  If student does not have proof, the student will be removed from the program and apply for the program the next year.

Basic Life Support- Health Care Provider (American Heart Association preferred) required. The BLS certification must remain current throughout the entire program.

Upon acceptance into the PN Program, the following background items must be completed at the students’ expense:

  • Criminal Background Check (Statewide Criminal NC; Residency History) 
  • 12 Panel Drug Test
  • Nationwide Database with Sex Offender Index
  • Immunizations/Certification Tracking fee

While the background information is not required by Isothermal Community College for either general college admission or entrance into the nursing program, students should be aware that an acceptable drug screen and background check is required by area clinical agencies used for clinical experiences required in the PN program.This information will be accessed by the Human Resources department at the clinical site(s) prior to the student being approved for clinical. In the event that a clinical site denies the student access to the facility, the student will forfeit their admission to the class and be dismissed from the program. (ICC does not have access to or awareness of the drug screen or background results. Clinical agencies will notify the student directly regarding any issues with the drug screen or background results.)

The drug screens/background checks will be completed at the RLC in the first semester. More information regarding drug screens and background checks will be provided to all students at New Student Orientation.

All acceopted student's should plan to attend the New Student Orientation scheduled by the PN Director.

Course Requirements

Students are encouraged to enroll in and complete the following required courses prior to being admitted to the Practical Nursing program.  All courses must be completed with a "C" or better to fulfill the requirements of the PN program.  

ACA 122- College Transfer Success BIO 168-Anatomy and Physiology I
ENG 111-Expository Writing  BIO 169-Anatomy and Physiology II

PSY 150 General Psychology