Isothermal Community College

Presidential Search

How to Apply

Presidential applicants must create an electronic profile online and submit a completed application packet via the college's job page.

In addition to completing the online application, the applicant must upload the following documents:

How to Create an Account and Apply

  • Go to the jobs page
  • Click Create Account link
    • Complete the fields and then click Create
  • Click Search Jobs
  • Select the President job opening
    • This will take you to the Posting Details
  • To begin the application, click Apply to Job
    • At the end of completing each section of the applications, click Save Changes then Next
    • Once you have completed all sections of the application, you will be taken to a screen that informs you whether your application is complete or incomplete.
      • If incomplete, the system will tell you which section is incomplete and allow you to go back and complete those sections. The information box will inform you of the incomplete fields.
      • When complete, click Certify and Submit.
    • To certify your application
      • Check box beside the statement “I certify that I have read and agree with these statements.”
      • Enter your initials to verify your identity
      • Click Submit this Application
    • The next screen is voluntarily where you can provide us with your demographic and ethnicity information. Once complete click Save Changes
    • You will be provided with a notice and confirmation that you have successfully completed your applications. In addition, you should receive an email.
  • Helpful Hints
    • When entering dates you should use the format of xx/xx/xxxx
    • Uploading Documents: If you have trouble uploading documents, you may email them to Upon receiving the documents, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Since the system requires the documents, at the top of each document page, select "Write a Letter of Interest" or "Write a Resumé." In the text box note that you are submitting these forms via e-mail.
    • For additional assistance contact 828-395-4248 or email