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Mission Statement

As an integral community partner, Isothermal Community College exists to improve life through learning by providing innovative, affordable educational programs and inclusive opportunities for personal, professional, economic, and cultural development.

Vivid Description

  • Preparing learners for future success in a career, further education, and personal enrichment
  • Providing cutting edge learning and technology
  • Providing choices in support services and delivery methods
  • Supporting professional development opportunities
  • Involving the learner in his/her own learning process(es)
  • Encouraging and modeling the effective and sustainable utilization of resources
  • Working collaboratively with public education, and the community in meeting local educational goals
  • Establishing partnerships to advance excellence in learning
  • Maintaining a reputation of excellence that ensures the prestige of our graduates
  • Encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit across all levels of the college

Vision Statement

To be the benchmark for excellence in learning, innovation, service, and economic development.


In improving life through learning, we recognize and accept our pivotal leadership role by valuing:

  • a shared commitment to the well-being and enrichment of individuals
  • lifelong opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • responsibility as a catalyst for positive economic development, innovation, community growth, creativity and the arts
  • a climate of integrity, accountability, and respect for individuals
  • a culture of collaboration and communication
  • achievement realized through perseverance, critical thinking and personal responsibility for learning
  • diversity and the exchange of ideas
  • excellence in programs and services
  • assessment and the spirit of reflection
  • the elimination of barriers to learning
  • the learning college culture

Isothermal Community College, a member of the North Carolina Community College System is a comprehensive, two-year, public institution that serves the individuals in Rutherford and Polk Counties.

The college offers individual courses and certificate, diploma, and degree programs that enable students to transfer to four-year institutions or to acquire skills for new or continued employment, as well as to function effectively as citizens in our society. In addition, the college provides training for area business and industry, personal enrichment courses, remedial and developmental courses and community service activities.

Isothermal Community College shall be open to all eligible individuals who can benefit regardless of veteran status, race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, or genetic information. The essence of the college’s efforts shall be to contribute, in cooperation with other local educational systems and institutions, to a higher quality of life in the community it serves.

Policy Number: 101-01-00BP


Adopted: April 1965

Amended: May 1984; November 1986; November 1989; July 1993; February 10, 2004; August 2005; February 16, 2010; April 22, 2014; December 5, 2019; March 31, 2021