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Did you know?

  • The Rutherford Campus covers 181 acres.
  • The lake on the Isothermal Rutherford Campus is an 11 acre lake which is 1870 feet around the perimeter.
  • The 18 buildings on the Rutherford Campus total 283,465 square feet.
  • The 11 acre Polk Campus houses a 12,840 square foot facility which was completed in 1989.
  • The dimensions of the Isothermal Community College indoor pool are 75' x 45'.
  • To swim one mile in the pool one would have to swim 35.5 laps lengthwise or 59 laps across.
  • To walk a mile in the gym, a person would have to walk 11.5 laps around the hall outside the gym or 18 laps around the gym floor.
  • It is approximately one mile from Piney Ridge Road down the Isothermal Community College loop, past the administration building, back to the cemetery and down Piney Ridge to the starting point.
  • The Rutherfordton Learning Center opened in January 2011 and houses classes for Continuing Education. The center has twelve class rooms with 17,000 square feet.

Policy Number: 102-04-00

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