Isothermal Community College

Learning College Manual

Emergency and Safety Plans

Safety Training

Training and education is provided at no cost to the Safety Coordinators, Safety Committee members, college employees, and students as required by policy and law.

Safety Coordinators

Coordinators shall receive training as required and appropriate to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. 

Safety Committee Members

Training will be provided to Committee members as required by law.  Committee members will be allowed reasonable time to allow them to fulfill his/her responsibilities.

Emergency Response Team Members

Training will be provided to Team members as required and appropriate to fulfill his/her duties and responsibilities.


As condition of employment, all employees must complete required training.  The immediate supervisor will work with the Safety Coordinators to ensure training and information has been received by each employee to be fully capable in coping with all potential emergencies that may be pertinent to his/her assignment or area.

New employees are required to receive training as part of his/her new employee orientation.   Current employees are expected and required to participate in trainings offered each year and review the emergency procedures annually.